The “We don’t have baby daddies” Fathers Day Brunch

Yes, we took a week off. There were too many things going on last weekend with my family coming into the city for the afternoon and Meghan being back home with family. In honor of it being Father’s Day, and to go along with our first (undocumented) brunch called “We aren’t Mothers” Mothers Day Brunch, we have dubbed this week, the “We don’t have baby daddies” Fathers Day Brunch.

On our walk to The Southern we passed a young couple walking back from the farmers market with all their fresh fruits and veggies in hand. The best part about seeing this and remembering the farmers market is super close to us? As soon as we passed the couple me and Meghan turn to each other and in unison squealed with delight “the farmers market!” Our brunch was off to a magnificent start.

The Southern is great place for when you want some awesome down-home-southern-cooking. Oh my goodness. I felt like I was transported right to Savannah, GA eating that food. They like their chicken fried and butter ever present, but what good southern cooking doesn’t? I really recommend it if you are ever in the mood for some really great southern fare.

Now, I am a cheese lover. And I have been wanting to try The Southern for quite some time now due to their world famous Mac and Cheese. (They also have a mobile Mac and Cheese Truck!) Living so close the truck tends to not make stops around us, but we always get teased because they park the truck on random side streets in the area. I decided it had to be done, and we had to have brunch here! And thank goodness the weather held up and didn’t rain all weekend so we were able to enjoy the wonderful weather on their pretty awesome patio.

The only miss-step of the day was probably first round of drinks. Belvedere Vodka was there promoting their new Bloody Mary flavored vodka and so Meghan and Josh both ordered them. Why not?! It’s brunch! Except they were not that good. The little taste I had tasted exactly like what it was, flavored vodka with tomato juice. It tasted like a watered down bloody rather than an awesome one. My mimosa was ok, nothing too spectacular. But on to the food!

Here’s what we ordered:

Myself — Spiced Doughnuts

Meghan — Southern M’am

Josh — Chicken and Biscuts

& we got the Sunday Mac and Cheese of course!

When my doughnuts arrived they were still super hot and were actually gooey in the middle! You are served 5 decent sized doughnut balls with a coffee glaze and fresh fruit. I don’t like coffee at all, but I was 100% happy with Chef Cary Taylor’s choice! The fruit served this Sunday was blueberries and strawberries – my favorite!  **side note – I feel really lame using so many ! but they are extremely necessary to express my love for the food I ate!**

The Sunday Mac and Cheese came with sausage and scrambled eggs. I do not eat pig, but I put that fact aside because I HAD TO TRY THE MAC AND CHEESE. It was totally worth it and while I ate around the sausage, I barely tasted it. Meghan and Josh both said the sausage was great, but I’ll take them for their word on that one.

The cutest moment of the day came when a dad and his (8-9-10?) year old daughter came and sat down next to us for a fathers day brunch. She was just so happy to be out with her dad by themselves, and he looked like the proudest papa ever! My favorite part was when the girl saw the french toast and shared my same enthusiasm for the dish. Adorable!

Next week … my best friends (Company of Thieves) are opening for Hall and Oates at Ravinia so we are hopefully going to run to the farmers market and make our own brunch here before! I can’t wait!



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