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Big Gay Brunch

It seems only fitting that when Meghan and myself decided to start this brunch club we chose to go to Kit Kat Lounge for Big Gay Brunch! We love all things drag queens (RuPaul‘s Drag Race?!?!!) and unlimited bloodys/mimosas.

Big Gay Brunch was the perfect combo!

You must know that it was absolutely a mess outside that morning. Rain, thunder, lightning, and fog, what a great Sunday morning. We had recruited about 5 other people we work with to come with, and everyone except Josh bailed. (hence why we have initiated Josh into Brunch Club — yay Josh!) But back to the weather, Loren put it best, “I went to sleep in Chicago and it looks like I woke up in Seattle!” I literally watched a probably 15 story building disappear in the fog during brunch. Torrential downpours aside, when we finally got there I was in LOVE.

Inside it was a crispy white palate with mirrors and awesome tiny crystal chandeliers. It just looked like a place I would want to live in, totally up my alley style wise. Oh, and my cinema nerd was geeking out over Gentlemen Prefer Blonds playing on every inch of wall space in the main room where we were! Me and Meghan both made friends while in the line for the bathroom, everyone was super friendly!

But, I digress, back to the food part, duh!

As you will come to learn, I love french toast. I will get it anywhere I go for breakfast, and it’s pretty much one of the only things I can get while out at a restaurant and finish everything.  It was pretty good. I waited a bit to eat my food because Josh’s came out after ours, and I wanted to be polite. That changed my food experience here. I’m sure if I had started to eat as soon as my food hit the table I would have appreciated it a ton more. Most food isn’t as good when it’s not fresh out of the pan.

But there really wasn’t anything special about this food. Kit Kat is all about the experience, and we had an amazing time there! I snuck away for like 5 minutes and of course Madam X (the resident Big Gay Brunch diva) came and sat down at our table then! (I’ll have to make sure to get Meghan to post some pictures here)

Sorry this is so boring for now, once we figure all the tricks and fun things out this will be way better!



Let’s start this

Myself (Bre) and my roomie Meghan have decided to go to brunch every Sunday around our glorious city of Chicago.

Even though we have had 2 weeks of brunches already, we will go back and let you know about those too. They were amazing so we really can’t skip over them.

We are always open to suggestions of places to check out, so tell us about your favorite spot!

Sunday Funday just got way better tasting 🙂